Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Risks of Losing Weight Using Certain Methods

Do you want to lose weight? You can find plenty of great information and possibly you already have a diet plan in mind. Losing weight by sticking to a diet and working out can be hard, so it comes as no surprise to hear that people resort to very dangerous ways of losing weight. Most normally, women are falling back to these risky methods as they feel pressured into being thin by society. It is more common for women to employ these terrible methods as a result of society's constant pressure to be thin. Being at a healthy weight is best but, if you decide to use a risky weight loss method, you can actually jeopardize your health. Today, I'll be telling you about these methods so that you can try to avoid them.

Most people opt to starve themselves when they are looking for a quick weight loss fix and then they suffer from low energy levels due to not taking in enough food. This usually involves not having breakfast or lunch and sometimes both of these meals. Even though your body is forcefully telling you that you're famished and need food, you say to yourself mentally that you're not famished. Nevertheless, after sometime your body learns to conform. The less you eat, the more your body fears that it won't have adequate food so it adjusts your metabolism, slowing it down to the extent that you are barely burning any fat during the day. Alas, once you begin to eat a typical diet again, your metabolism will continue to work slowly, and you are apt to quickly put on more fat as you won't burn calories rapidly enough. While it is true that you can lose weight when you you decide to try starvation, you will lose more weight by following a regimen of healthy diet and exercise. Don't you believe it's better to be able to eat and lose weight while continuing to be healthy?

Anorexia can be an outcome of you going on starvation mode. You have a dread of food and turning fat, resulting in becoming perilously thin and not eating much, if anything at all. Anorexia can lead to a weaker immune system, hair loss and even demise. Numerous teens try starvation diets but, when you become obsessed with starving yourself, it can eventually turn into anorexia which can damage your body and your health.

Binge eating is one other thing to consider. Individuals who use this method consume huge amounts of food and then puke so that the calories do not remain in their body. Although bulimics do not fear food such as anorexics do, they vomit the food that they eat because they feel guilty for eating such large amounts. Compared to anorexia and starvation where it is apparent that the individual is losing weight, bulimia is hard to detect because the weight doesn't fluctuate widely. Regular regurgitating is hard on your body. Your heart and other vital body organs can be badly affected. You can end up developing stomach ulcers because of it. Your esophagus could be damaged by the stomach acid and your teeth might lose their enamel. Your pharynx may likewise have acid burns. You can gravely damage your body by vomiting your food.

The safest approach is to eat modest servings of healthy foods. Try to keep the less healthy food out of your diet as much as possible and eat smaller food portions. It is possible to really lose weight without trying such unsafe methods.
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